Create Strip Cards and Share Them with Your Friends!

Create Strip Cards and Share Them with Your Friends!

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Get Ready!

Ever had the desire to run a strip card but found yourself without the official cards? Sure, there are ways to make your own strip cards, but none more convenient than Strip Card for Android.

Easy to Use

Easily enter the names of up to ten players per card. If you're too lazy to type you can browse the contacts on your phone to populate the lines.

Instant Winner

Add a little excitement to the game by playing with the "Instant Winner" option. Show this after the card has been completed and the line numbers have been revealed.

Saved Cards

Create multiple strip cards per event and manage them all from one place. You'll know which ones are closed and which ones are still open with the simple color-coding and number reveal symbols.

Share Them

Share completed strip cards with as many players as you'd like Android's native sharing capability. Share links to cards via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter, and more!


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